No turning back!

There is no turning back.

I now registered for the North Downs Way 50 2015. I was afraid not to get a place so I registered at 10am as soon as it was possible to do so.

This is it, my target for next year. My challenge for my 40s. Uncharted territories. I will keep on following the 6 run a week schedule, run more half marathons, a couple of marathons and definitely a lot more trails. It will be fun! I can now schedule all the races from now to May next year. I have 2 already in the calendar, I will add more.

Training this week went well. I ran a total of 75km. I had a cold for the first couple of days but nothing serious. Mornings are now all of a sudden a lot colder.

Monday was an easy run ending with 5 very fast 10″ sprints. I felt like Bolt. I managed to go as fast as 2:48 min/km which is a new thing for me. For 10 seconds only, mind you.
Tuesday easy. Wednesday was the interval training. First part on hills. The second on flat. Finding hills here is not that easy. Especially close enough for me to go at 6am. Richmond Park has some and Kingston Hill is the best I guess. So that is where I went. When the park is closed I will run on the roads close by. They are less steep but better than nothing.

It was a lot of fun. Bushy and Richmond Parks are beautiful every time of the day, but in the early mornings they are the best.

Thursday easy run again and Friday a mix of easy run, 2′ intervals and sprints. I like those days where things get mixed up. I just wish I still had my Garmin 405, but after 2 models with failing battery I opted for a cheaper Garmin 210 which does not allow you to program your sessions with the details of the 405.

Today after registering for the NDW50 I went for a long run in Richmond Park. 21.1km. Should have gone slower than 140bmp but did not manage to.

See you on the road/trails 🙂

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