North Downs Way Marathon training (part 2)

This is the tapering week before the marathon on Sunday. So I rested a bit, ran less and no speed training.

On Tuesday I did 11 km taking it very easy. I tried to never get my heart to go over 135bmp. I feel like my slow days are not slow enough, so this time I really put an effort in trying to go slow.

On Wednesday I ran 14.5k on the river and Richmond Park, again exploring new paths. It was fun, a bit of rain, lots of young deer running away from the bushes, a good way to start the day.

I rested on Thursday and then on Friday went for a 10k run in Bushy Park. I think I have been a good boy this week and managed to avoid going too fast and getting tired. I cannot wait for race day.

An interesting event of the week was taking part in a Brooks twitter competition and winning! I never win anything, but thanks to this tweet I won a place at the Cardiff Half Marathon and some kit from Brooks. I am looking forward to seeing what they send me. I was not planning to do that race as it is not close to home and it is quite a busy one, but I am now quite excited to try a road half marathon and visit a new city. Shame it happens very close to an 50k race I plan on doing the week before. More info on my races schedule coming soon!

So in total this week I have only run 36km which should have left me full of energy for the North Downs Way Marathon. Check out my report of the race in my next post.

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