2017 Summary

I have been very lazy and not posted anything new for a while even if I had a lot of things I could have talked about.

I’ll try to be more consistent and write more often in 2018, at least after each race.

Here is a summary of my 2017 as a runner.


The year started really well, training was going great and I ran the Denbies 10 mile race on the North Downs finishing first in my category and seventh overall. Good muddy fun.

Events to Live Denbies 10, Jan 2017 by  11:14:32


More good training sessions and then ran the Hampton Court Half Marathon. I did not do as good as I hoped, but not too bad either.

Hampton Court Half Marathon February 2017 by 10:30:19 AM #racephoto


Very long training weeks, up to 140k a week. Felt like Rocky Balboa. Ran the Thames Meander Marathon with a slight injury but still managed to do a marathon PB (I know I can improve on that).



I was ready for the first A race of the season, the SDW50, but then got the first flu of the year and after a week in bed suffered the whole race with stomach cramps. I was very disappointed after 4 months of solid training.



I changed job and ran my best 50 miler yet. I finished the NDW50 more than an hour faster than the first time. I was happy.



I kept training pretty consistent and ran the Hampshire Hoppit Trail Marathon in the hottest day ever. I ran out of water between every aid station, got sun burnt but still had a blast, beautiful places.



I ran my first 100k race, the Race to the Stones and survived. Actually I did better than survive it, I ran it all and enjoyed it massively.

I also ran the now classic Wimbledon Common Half Marathon, slower than usual and things started looking bad for my left knee.



I paced Manu on his epic run to complete the NDW100, but in the process injured completely my left knee and stopped running for the rest of the month.



After numerous attempts to get back to running and many acupuncture and physio visits I was still unable to run more than 5k. So with an average of 4k a week for the past 6 weeks I went and ran the CW50. I completed it much slower than last year and in the process f**d up my other knee.



More injury time and no running. Terrible month, when both your knees hurt when you are sleeping you know things are not going well. I also DNS the Stort 30 miler.



I managed to start running more and even got as far as running two 90k weeks back to back. Then got the flue again and spent more time in bed. With too much rest  and too little training I went and ran the WW50 and completed the Centurion 50 Milers Grand Slam (finally!!!).



Took it relatively easy (also due to another flue attack) but started serious training in the last week getting back to a 100+ k week.


Overall it has been a mediocre year. Yes, I ran my first 100k and completed the Centurion Grand Slam 50, but apart from the NDW50 I did not feel like I ran any of the races the way I was supposed to. I trained very well the first 6 months, but  got unlucky with my health on race days. Then my knees got busted and the summer was wasted and I just run the remaining 50 milers to finish them, but I could not hope to do well.

Quick races summary:

  • 1 x 10 miler
  • 2 x Half Marathons
  • 2 x Marathons
  • 4 x 50 milers
  • 1 x 100k


I am happy for what I achieved but not how. Adjusting to the new job also made it harder to be consistent. One day I will go back and do the Grand Slam better, but not next year because…

What about 2018?

Well next year will be great, the greatest actually. It will mark my 10th year as a runner and I have a very busy racing schedule. See photo (more to come). The main race is going to be the SDW100, my very first 100 miler. I am scared s**tless but I cannot wait. I will have to be smart, train a lot, but keep my health (and knees) in check.

Stay tuned for more news!

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