Consistent Week

This week I resumed The Cool Impossible training plan. I am almost at the end of the second part. It is more about speed training and less about long runs and this week really killed me.

It started with an easy run on Monday. 10km at 4:32 min/km. Nothing special, just quite cold.

Tuesday was more of a challenge. After 2km warm up I ran 7km at the 139-153bmp heart rate zone which ended up being a run at a 4:03 pace. I then ran another 1k to cool down. It was more like freeze down, it was almost -3!

Wednesday was the interval training day. After the usual warm up I did five 3′ at 3:30 with 3′ rest in between and then cool down.¬†A total of 13km. I was dead tired at the end but strangely found the fourth and fifth easier than the first 3.

Thursday was easier, 11km of recovery at 4:28 min/km. Nothing special, while Friday was a blast. I really enjoyed it. I did my usual warm up, but slightly longer, 4km. Then I run for 30 minutes (8km) keeping my heart rate at 160bmp which turned up being 3:47 min/km. I found myself following a guy that was going as fast as me (which is rare at 6am), I managed to overtake him but then we split up for a bit and when our route met again he was too fast to catch. Really impressive. 1km cool down and I was home, happy. It was a fun day, but my hip started complaining again in the afternoon. Not good, I am starting to see a pattern there, I need to do something to solve this issue.

Saturday I went for the long run, but as the hip was a bit strange I decided to do a bit less than usual and went for a 27km run. 2 hours in total between Bushy Park, Hampton Court and the whole counter clockwise route around Richmond Park. It was a beautiful sunny day. I ran in shorts.

All in all it was a very good week. 6 runs for a total of 84km. If the hip goes back to normal next week I will try to do at least 40k on Saturday.

Have fun!

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