No rest

There is not much to report this week. I kept on running regularly every day. I did not rest on Monday and basically ran 9 days in a row, a little record for me.

Monday I did 12k at 4:26 min/km. Nothing special.

On Tuesday I tried something different that I had never done: longer repeats. After my usual warm up I did three 2km repeats at around 3:45 min/km with 2 minutes of recovery. Finished with a bit of cool down. It was a good experience. I am happy I managed to do them faster and faster and felt good at the end.

Wednesday I went out for an easy 13km run. I did it at an average of 4:32 min/km. Even if I was feeling a bit tired it was a good kind of tired, not the type you feel like breaking, but the one that makes you feel like you are doing a good job and pushing yourself further without killing yourself. Once I get to the recover/tapering week I am sure I will get rid of this tiredness and be stronger at the end, ready for the marathon.

To do a bit of hill training I went to Kingston Hill on Thursday. I did five 500mt uphill with the downhill to rest. I could not do them as fast as last week, but I did an extra one.

On Friday I did 10k of recovery as the hills the day before had left a lot of tiredness in my legs and then on Saturday I went for a 21.1k (not casual) run in Richmond Park. It was quite a good day. Running in the daylight is always a plus after 5 days running in the dark. So even if tired (my right hamstring really was asking for a rest) I managed to do the half marathon distance at a 4:18 min/km average, pushing a bit in the last three km.

And that was it for the week. I completed a 9 day streak, ran 6 times this week for a total of 81km and now I am ready to rest. Next week I will only run 8/10km three¬†times and then Saturday I’ll be ready for my second trail marathon. I cannot wait.

Have fun!

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